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4 Tips for Creating Content for Your Wix Website Homepage

Less is more. Your mom may have told your 16-year-old self this when you got a little too excited about your new eyeshadow palette… or was that just me? ☺️

Anyway, Mom’s advice is as true for makeup as it is for your website homepage.

It might seem counter-intuitive but less copy is more compelling and persuasive, especially as human attention spans now rival that of goldfish. We have just a few seconds to hook our website visitors with clear, compelling content or we risk losing them.

As an experienced creative designer and Wix Partner, I have worked on many Wix websites projects with clients eager to share value with their website visitors. And I absolutely agree but being strategic with your content can be the difference between making or breaking a lead or a sale. My advice to clients is always:

“Think of your homepage like a billboard... keep your messaging visually compelling, short and sweet. People don’t have time to read a novel. Get straight to the point!”⁣

How do you do that? By ensuring that your homepage answers these four questions.

Who are you?

This one is a given. Your company’s name should be on your homepage. When a visitor comes to your website, they want to know who you are.

As consumers, we have been conditioned to expect that a company’s name and logo would be positioned on the top left corner of the website (or top middle if on mobile), and it’s where our eyes naturally look first.

What do you offer?

Visitors to your website should not have to read a whole paragraph to figure out what products or services your company offers. This should be immediately evident from the copy and graphic or video cues on your homepage.

For example, a pet food company may have a picture of puppy eating and the copy, “Happy Puppies Love Yummy Puppy Chow”.

Immediately, the visitor can discern that the website sells puppy chow.

How does it benefit the customer?

How is your product or service going to improve your website visitor’s life? Your homepage needs to clearly communicate the benefits of your product or service.

A picture (or a video) paints a thousand words, so the puppy in our homepage graphic should look healthy, and happy and our copy can read something like:

Happy Puppies Love YummyPuppy Dog Chow

Complete Nutrition for the Furriest Member of Your Family

You can also use bullet points to list your features and benefits. Save the deep-dive details for your product pages.

How can the customer get it?

This is your call-to-action. You want your website visitor to make a decision, whether it is to buy now, schedule a call or book a consultation or something else. Don’t leave it up to the consumer to figure out what to do next. Guide the consumer to the action you want her to take with your call-to-action button.

You may be asking, “Tianna, so what do I do with all my amazing, SEO-driven content?” Detailed product descriptions and features, about us, company history and other information can go on your websites secondary pages, which visitors can link to from your sites navigation menu.

Remember, when writing your website content, less is more. Don’t lose your website visitor with information overload. Focus on answering the four questions on your homepage as succinctly and clearly as possible and watch your leads and conversions increase.

If you need help creating a Wix website that converts visitors into customers, I’m happy to help! I have over 8 years experience as a creative designer and have helped dozens of clients create beautiful and effective Wix websites.

Contact me at

Are you getting ready to launch your Wix Website? Download my FREE Wix Website Launch Checklist HERE.

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