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4 Rock Solid Reasons to Help The World (And Yourself) By Hiring a Virtual Assistant from iWorker

Virtual assistants are here to save us all. Really! Does that sound dramatic? Well, let me tell you why it’s true.

I recently realized that I had so many ideas to write about, and so many tips and tricks to share with the visitors of my website, but rarely had enough time to really sit down and bring it all to life in a way that would make me proud to share it with my following. I saw that I needed to find someone who would be able to work with me by taking these ideas and turning them into great content for my blog in a way that would make sense for me and my business and provide value to my clients and visitors alike.

Lo and behold, I stumbled across iWorker, a social enterprise that connects highly skilled and qualified, English-speaking virtual assistants from developing countries with individuals and organizations all over the globe. They helped me get in touch with a talented copywriter who’s always able to take my idea and run with it while preserving my tone of voice so that my readers can see my personality, and not just generic articles and boring lists.

That’s all well and good, but what does it have to do with you, you ask? Well, do you run a business? Are you so busy that you can barely stay on top of your day-to-day tasks? Do you need help with designing your business card? Creating content for your social media? Organizing data? Maybe… writing some articles? If the answer to any (or all) of these questions is “yes”, then you need to look into hiring a virtual assistant as well, and here’s why:

1. Virtual assistants have a wide range of skills.

Virtual assistants normally have years of administrative expertise, but there are experts emerging in other fields such as graphic design, social media and content management, copywriting, marketing, SEO services, and so on.

Some virtual assistants provide a focused range of services, while others take on a wider variety of tasks. It all depends on what you’re looking for, so, whether you need someone to handle the administrative tasks that come with having a business or someone who will collaborate with you on more creative projects, iWorker can help you find someone who’s going to be the ideal fit for your requirements.

2. You will free up an unexpectedly large amount of time.

Sometimes it’s hard to realize just how much time and energy it takes to run a successful business. Especially if you’ve been doing it for a while and have gotten used to it, it’s easy to forget that you probably have other things to do as well. Hustling is great, but you need the ability to compartmentalize the different areas of your work life, as well as find the perfect balance between your work and private life. Virtual assistants can help you out with this by taking on the daunting tasks associated with running a business. Learning to delegate will free up hours of your time every day which you can use more creatively, or just rest a little. You deserve it.

3. You will have a motivated and productive coworker.

Virtual assistants typically work from home. Studies show that this considerably increases productivity. By saving the time and energy not spent on commuting, finding comfortable spots to focus and work, scheduling their workday in a way that works for them instead of having to stick with office hours, and having peace and quiet to concentrate all contribute to increased productivity, which in turn boosts morale and motivation.

4. You will create a job and help be part of the solution.

From the perspective of your virtual assistant, you are creating a job that allows them to work from the comfort of their own home and, in iWorker’s case, earn a competitive salary that they would not be able to obtain in their own countries.

What is iWorker?

Two North Americans and one Venezuelan founded iWorker in Argentina. Enrique Yervez, one of the co-founders, left Venezuela with his pregnant wife in quest of a better life and a better environment in which to raise their future daughter. Enrique was inspired to create a way to improve the lives of Venezuelans both at home and abroad, and so iWorker was created.

iWorker now employs 500+ highly skilled virtual assistants from Venezuela and other developing countries. These workers are paid in US dollars, helping them to dodge Venezuela's current hyperinflation, which looms at over 1,000,000% per year. Because of their income in USD, these workers can afford the best schooling, housing, etc., while also acquiring vital, highly convertible digital skills and amassing experience working online, which they can employ both at home and abroad. So far, iWorker has assisted its virtual assistants in earning over $1,000,000 in income. If you’d like to check out the workers’ own experiences working with iWorker, you can visit their Glassdoor and Indeed pages.

iWorker’s Social Impact

Besides generating stable work for people in countries in crisis, women's empowerment has also been at the heart of iWorker's efforts. Venezuela had a .71 in the 2020 Gender Gap Index report, meaning that women in the nation are over 30% more likely than men to face obstacles to success in the workplace, politics, and education. Working with women has always been a priority of iWorker as a means of combating these inequities, and they aggressively seek smart, English-speaking Venezuelan women in their hiring process. As a result, women account for around 70% of iWorker's Venezuelan workforce.

iWorker employs professional virtual assistants, then trains and coaches them on how to be successful while working online. Then they link them up with organizations and individuals all over the globe, primarily in North America and Europe, to work online and provide various talents such as administration, customer service, graphic design, copywriting, data entry, social media, and so on. The rates charged to the clients (between $5 and $12 per hour) are low enough to compete with other outsourcing businesses, but high enough that workers make a good living income in their local economies (at least $650 per month, with highly skilled workers earning many times this amount).

Visit their website at to learn more. I’ve loved working with iWorker and am always happy to recommend them to other business owners! Don’t just take my word for it though, you can check out other clients’ experiences on their Clutch page as well.

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