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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wix Website Designer

You’re sold… nobody needs to convince you that you need a website for your business. But wait… you didn’t fall for an ad that said you could build your own website in 20 minutes, did you?

Nah, you’re too smart for that. Now don’t get me wrong. Website builders and editors nowadays make it super easy for non-techy folks to build their own websites… but I guarantee you need more than 20 minutes to have a website that achieves the brand awareness or sales goals you have for your website.

Even with the Wix website builder, which I highly recommend for it’s functionality and ease of use, you’ll have to spend some time to build a site that gets results.

Here are four reasons why I think you should hire a designer for your website project.

1. Save Time & Money

Sometimes, we think we’re saving money when we DIY. But as the saying goes time is money. As a busy entrepreneur, you may not have the time to manage your core business (your money maker) AND build a sales-generating website.

That’s where I come in. At Tianna Marie LLC, we create stunning custom websites with creative design and functionality in mind, and we give you the tools you need to succeed.

2. Design with the GOAL in Mind

Tianna Marie is not just another Wix website designer, a dime a dozen on Fiverr. We design with you and your goals in mind. We dig deep to understand your brand and your goals for your website. Then we create a design plan to help you achieve your goal.

3. Affordable

As our clients tend to be entrepreneurs and small businesses, we make every effort to work around your budget and offer payment plans. Your first fifteen minute consultation is free. Schedule an appointment here.

4. Help & Support

Since all my websites are built with Wix, there’s no difficult coding to worry about. When I hand over your kickass website, you can easily make edits via the Wix editor.

And I don’t just leave you hanging, or trying to figure it all out yourself. I can provide video tutorials for your website on request to ensure that you feel confident using the Wix editor, should you need to may any changes. I also have a handful of Wix video tutorials on my YouTube channel! SUBSCRIBE HERE

I also offer ad-hoc and monthly retainer support services to my clients as needed.

Here’s a peek of a few projects I recently completed for some super-amazing clients.

Website Branding Redesign

This client’s digital platform aims to prepare young women of color prepare for success by sharing insights from women of color that are crushing their goals and dominating in their careers.

Website Design

This client’s practice focuses on chiropractic care for all stages of life, but especially on maternal and pediatric care.

Website + Branding

I designed the Brokaw Yachts website to help the company sells yachts across the Caribbean, US and Canada. .

Wanna see more? You can explore my projects page here.

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